Anti-smoking strategies have saved lives Canadian Health Expert

Anti-smoking strategies have saved lives  Canadian Health Expert

Posted by : Michelle CampbellWednesday, January 8th, 2014

An analysis shows that the various anti-smoking strategies in the US over the last 50 years have saved around eight million lives.

The results of the analysis were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and they show that the average lifespan of a person who has given up smoking has increased by around 20 years.  In January 1964, the surgeon general published a report that detailed the risks of smoking.  Various control measures have been in place since that time.

Measures put into place by the US government since then have included better education on the dangers of smoking, higher taxes on cigarettes, laws to guarantee smoke-free air, campaigns in the US media, sales restrictions and treatment programs to help smokers to quit.

Those who carried out this analysis looked at how many fewer deaths had occurred as a result of people quitting the habit compared with how many people would have died if they had not.  The analysis estimated that between 1964 and 2012, 17.7 million people died as a result of their smoking habit.

The analysis concluded that these measures had made a substantial contribution to public health over the last 50 years.  However, smoking is still a large health problem in the US, with one fifth of adult Americans continuing to smoke.  Other studies have revealed that those who suffer from mental health problems are less likely to quit smoking than others.  One reason for this is a lack of access to cessation treatment.

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Other studies have revealed that those who suffer from mental health problems are less likely to quit smoking than others. One reason for this is a lack of access to cessation treatment.

Im sorry, but how is mental health related to a lack of access to cessation treatment? That just sounds weird.

I dont really understand that eitherjust because you have a mental illness means you cant access anti-smoking services? Odd.

This is amazing news! I smoked for much of my early twenties, so know the importance of giving up in an effort to get healthier. The fact that stopping could add 20 years to your life should, hopefully, encourage a few more people to try.

ha. All governments tax the life out of smokers. What are they going to do when there are no smokers left? These new atomizing e-cigs seem to work really well

yeah, but when you look into the vaping business, theyre using propylene glycol which apparently has corrosive effects after a while. What does that do to the old lungs?! Could it actually be worse than cigs?

Mind you, the old ways of stopping smoking (that this article is on about) using NRT is apparently only 15% effective, whereas this vaping stuff is way better than that.

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