How to Improve Your Posture and Lead a Healthy and Happy Life! - Health is Fitness

How to Improve Your Posture and Lead a Healthy and Happy Life! - Health is Fitness

You will be surprised at the difference a good posture can make to your life. Whether it is at work, during sleep, while eating or simply sitting, having the right posture can give you a healthier body and mind.

It can help you fight common problems like neck pain, back pain, fatigue and even headaches. Plus, a good posture will transform your entire body as you will start looking slim and tall.

This will surely boost your confidence and open new doors to success as well. Here are a few ways to improve your posture while you go about leading your daily life and completing your routine activities.

How to Improve Posture Through Exercises

If you want to work on your posture, there are various exercises that involve muscle stretching and strengthening in order to help you maintain a good posture.

As a thumb rule, your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be in a single straight line. Remember that it is important to develop a muscle memory so that naturally you learn to maintain a good posture.

Some of the basic exercises that will help to improve your posture have been listed below.

Basic Crunches and Crunches with Twist: Ensure to avoid full sit-ups while doing this. You can do the rectus abdominals and other variations of crunches to improve your core strength.

Side Planks and Plank Hold: This includes oblique and transverse abdominals. Pilates and isometric core exercises help to strengthen muscles and improvise posture as well.

Yoga: This form of exercise works brilliantly to enhance your posture as it teaches you how to hold an upright posture for a few seconds while performing the asanas. Since it works on your core muscles, it helps give you a better body alignment as well. Plus, it can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any major equipment as such.

How to Improve Posture at Work

For those who have desk jobs, they spend one-third of their day (at least eight hours) sitting on a chair in front of a computer.

If you’re one of them, it’s important to learn the right tricks that will help you maintain a healthy posture so that your work day does not drain out all your energy.

The following pointers will help you radically!

Your ears must be in line with your shoulders when you are sitting.

Adjust the height of your chair so that your upper body is well aligned to the work desk and your forearms are horizontal to your desktop in line with your keyboard.

The monitor must be in a way that your eyes are in line with the top edge of the screen.

Use a chair with a comfortable back that supports your spine so that you can sit upright with relaxed shoulders.

Stand up in half an hour intervals so that you can realign your posture.

How to Improve Posture While Sleeping

Sleeping on your back is the ideal position to maintain a neutral pose for your spine and neck. You can place a small pillow under your knees to elevate them so that your back stays in an optimal position.

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst for your body as it affects the back and neck in adverse ways. A firm mattress can also immensely help in making you sleep better and giving you the support you need while sleeping.

How to Improve Posture for Neck Pain

One of the toughest side effects of a bad posture include neck and back pain. If you are wondering about how to improve posture and relieve back pain, you’ll need to focus immensely on your daily activity postures and make a conscious effort towards maintaining the right posture.

Pay close attention to your pain in order to understand its cause. If it starts at the lower neck and goes until the back and usually occurs after a long day’s work, you need to adjust your sitting position in office.

Keep your body aligned to your office chair and sit up tight with your ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line. Avoid crossing your legs or sitting unevenly at work to improve posture and prevent neck and back pain.

How to Improve Posture if You Have Curved Shoulders

If you are suffering from hunched or rounded shoulders, you need to make an effort to improve posture before it is too late. Stretches are a great way to enhance your sitting and walking positions.

Some of the exercises you can perform include back bound hand pose, cow face pose, shoulder squeeze, bridge pose, baby cobra pose and camel pose.

All these exercises will give you excellent results for curved shoulders. You can also watch videos to understand them better and learn how to practice them daily.

How to Improve Posture During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial time for you and your baby. Maintaining the right posture is not a choice at this stage but becomes an obligation.

Remember not to tilt your pelvis forward and pull your stomach in and up as far as possible. Your weight must be balanced on both feet so, ensure you point your feet in the same direction.

Since you will be carrying extra weight during the last few months of pregnancy, you must not stand in the same position for a long period of time.

How to Improve Your Child’s Posture

If your child has a poor posture, it is the right time to get involved and teach him/her ways to improve posture for the long term. Enroll your child in a dance or movement class that will enrich his postures.

You can also bring a chair and study table as per your child’s height so that he sits in an upright position while doing his homework. Encourage your child to get up every half an hour and participate in stretching exercises for a better posture.

A good posture is the key to a healthy life and a stable mind. If you don’t focus towards your posture, you will face serious problems and health concerns like severe neck and back pain and fatigue.

On the contrary, the right posture can boost your confidence levels immensely and help you lead a healthy and successful life!