Are you hungary all the time, Eat Taste Heal

Are you hungary all the time, Eat Taste Heal

This article helps you explain what type of body you have and why you may be hungry all the time.Overeating is bad…plane and simple. Snacking is bad…plane and simple. “But I need energy to keep me going throughout the afternoon….but if I don’t snack I get hangry (hungry/angry)…but if I don’t snack I lose concentration.” Well then, you’re not eating the right stuff.

Eat, Taste, Heal is an Ayurvedic Cookbook and an awesome place to start when learning about what your body needs. And I literally mean your body, not “the” body, but specifically yours. Ayurveda (pronounced are-veyda) has been around for 1000s of years and it still works very well. It’s the Indian philosophy of eating. Ayurvedic eating is not a religion or opinion, it is an ancient discovery that only recently has gained scientific backing, which always annoys me about science because evidently it isn’t true unless it’s proven by science, yet nothing changed between not proven and proven, meaning it was always true just not proven….but I digress.

If you are hungry during the day it can only mean a couple of things.

1) You’re body didn’t get the nutrients it wants, so it tells you it’s hungry

2) You’re body isn’t properly digesting the nutrients you put into it and/or properly digesting your reserves (aka fat)

Dr. John Douillard has an awesome cleanse that can actually help with number 2 and I’m going to write a separate post on that.

I could write on this all day but let’s keep it simple. Foods are divided up into 6 tastes

  • Sweet
  • Sour
  • Salty
  • Bitter
  • Astringent
  • Pungent

You’re reading this saying, “Yea I got the first 4, but WTH are the last 2?” To me astringent is best defined as chalky and makes you pucker up a bit, but that is me. Foods such as green apples, asparagus, broccoli, popcorn, pomegranates and cranberries are all considered astringent. Pungent is hot, like spicy peppers; they have a bitterness to them but aren’t really in the same category as arugula, which is a very bitter leafy green.

What’s the point? In Ayurveda, when you get all 6 tastes in a meal it completely satisfies the palette and you body won’t crave anything, and you won’t be hungry. It’s can be that simple. Did you know you have taste buds in your stomach? So when we satisfy ALL the tastes we satisfy them in the mouth and tummy. We can add a lot of other “whys” to this but read the book if you want to learn a ton more.

Just to let you know, believe it or not, most meat is in the sweet category, and so is sugar of course. Guess what 2 flavors westerners diet consists of. It’s not rocket science: sweet and salty. Hence, we always feel hungry, no matter how much you put in.

Ayurveda divides people into 3 mind-body types called Doshas. Doshas reflect personality (mind) and, not coincidentally, the amount of each taste you should be eating (body)….hmm I wonder why we chose the name for our site… The 3 Doshas correlate to the 3 seasons (erase fall and think Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall as 2 seasons). The 3 Dosahs are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If you want to discover which one you are check this Dosha Quiz.

Pittas are fiery/hot people (Summer), both in attitude, opinion and digestion

Vatas are airy/cold people (Winter), both in mind and digestion

Kaphas are wet/earthy people (Spring), both in attitude and digestion

Chances are you are a mix of 2 of these with a dominant trait and a secondary. I am a Pitta/Vata and Hilary is a Vata/Pitta. I can eat everything as I have a fiery digestion, I’m a spaz and have tons of energy all the time. Hilary can digest about 10% of what I can as her lighter Dosha doesn’t have the burning heat inside. I’m always hot, she’s always cold.

It’s interesting that we come up with terms that relate to Ayruveda such as “air head.” Vatas tend to have “airy” personalities and pittas have stubborn fiery personalities you that can be difficult to deal with. You know the types I’m talking about, you would never want to offend a Pitta because they might bite your head off while you know if you offended a Vata they may just say, “Oh well” and if you offend a Kapha they wouldn’t probably say, “That’s OK, I forgive you, you’re awesome.”