Colon Cleaning Facts and Fiction

Colon Cleaning Facts and Fiction

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Want to feel all shiny and new, inside and out? Then you will want to try colon cleansing. Alternatively, maybe not. Colon cleansing is just about what it sounds like: cleaning out your colon. What is your colon? It is the end of your digestive tract and is made up of four structures: the ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon, and the sigmoid colon. In non-technical language, consider your colon the last few feet of your intestine. Some call colon cleansing “colon hydrotherapy,” “colonics,” “colon irrigation,” or a plain old “enema.”

Colon cleansing is a simple process. Like the old-fashioned enema, a tube is placed in the anus and water is introduced. When sufficient water is added, the contents of the colon are cleaned out as the water is expelled. Along with the water come feces and various toxins.

Some are convinced that colon cleansing is the path to better health. Advocates say that decomposing feces collect in the large intestine and that these remnants can be a home to parasites and toxins. The American Medical Association does not agree. There is no hard, scientific evidence that colonic cleansing is effective in promoting better health. In fact, there is the potential for the opposite. There are records of rectal damage from colonic cleansing devices. In addition, without proper sterilization, colonics can introduce amoebas to the digestive tract.

Where would the idea of flushing the system come from? Early Egyptians thought that food was not processed correctly at times and decomposed in the intestines. Their concept was that the rotting residue migrated into the bloodstream and harmed the individual. The ancient Greeks had more to say. They created “The Four Humours” concept — black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. The balance of The Four Humours had a great effect on the wellness of the patient. With this line of thinking, believing a mess in the gut could easily create havoc with health.

This internal yuck causes “Auto-Intoxication,” claimed 19th century proponents — the further articulated theory that the human body just cannot clean itself and that, thanks to residual toxins, we are poisoning ourselves as a byproduct of being alive. The medical community was not in agreement, however, and the theory of autointoxication began to come unglued when the Journal of the American Medical Association denounced the concept in 1919.

But medical doctors’ opinions have never stopped folks from practicing folk cures and colon cleansing is on the rebound today with the growth of alternative medicines and health therapies. These days, there are thousands of websites endorsing colonic cleansing as well as hundreds of products that extol colonics as the way to good health. Are they mistaken? Who knows? Chiropractors were regarded as quacks for generations but chiropractic care is now covered by many insurance companies. Acupuncture is now quite popular and accepted. In addition, in many communities, you will find the phone book full of Reiki masters, massage therapists, and bioenergetics practitioners. Bottom line, if you want better health and are willing to explore alternative therapies, perhaps you should investigate your colon. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Before beginning a colon cleaning regime, make sure you have all the facts. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you have any additional questions and visit my website for more information: Colon Cleaning

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