P90X Equipment Needed – what equipment do you need for p90x?

P90X Equipment Needed – what equipment do you need for p90x?

Are you going to buy P90X or just ordered P90X, but do not know what equipment do you need for P90X?
If yes, then the info below is for you.

So, what are all the materials needed for p90x workout?

P90X accessories needed are: A Pull Up / Chin-Up Bar, Resistance Bands or a Set of Dumbbells.
Some optional things needed for p90x: A Workout Mat, Push-Up Bars, Hear Rate Monitor.

If you don’t have a chin up bar, they will teach you how to perform the same workout by using a resistance band or dumbbells.
Therefore, the P90X minimum requirements is a resistance band or free weights.
However, you probably will get better results by using a chin up bar as well.

Here are some pictures of the tools needed for p90x, click the links to read reviews and get price info:

Where to Buy P90X DVD Set?

P90X Workout Program Reviews & Price

You can buy P90X DVDs from P90X official site or online stores like Amazon.

P90X Resistance Bands

P90X Resistance Bands Reviews & Price

These resistance bands work as effectively as dumbbells, can be used in most of the p90x workout.

Dumbbells for P90X

Very cheap adjustable dumbbells, good for p90x workout.

Dumbbells Reviews & Price

P90X Chin-Up / Pull Up Bar

P90X Chin-Up Bar Reviews & Price

The bar mounts to any doorframe, fits doorways up to 32 inches wide.

P90X Push Up Bars

P90X Push Up Bars Reviews & Price

Used and Designed by Tony Horton, the push-up bar can help enhance push up exercises without straining the forearms or wrists.

P90X Plyometrics Mat

P90X Plyometrics Mat Reviews & Price

Designed for high-impact workout, denser and thicker than many other exercise mats.

You may also have the following questions:

What weights do i need for p90x?
Preferably a set of adjustable dumbbells.

What kind of resistance bands do i need for p90x?
There are many resistance bands support P90X, you can check the one that mentioned in this post.

How much room do you need for p90x?
Around 6 by 6 feet.

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