Unwanted 72 - Use, Side Effects and Reviews - Health Orane

Unwanted 72 - Use, Side Effects and Reviews - Health Orane

Unwanted 72 Use, Side Effects and Reviews

By Manisha Bajaj on April 7, 2016 in Health TipsTagged Unwanted 72 - Use

Unwanted 72, a contraceptive pill to end up with unwanted pregnancy. It is always better to go contraceptive pills than abortion. There is no check on use of unwanted 72. In some cases it becomes a necessity to use unwanted 72, when you have unintentional pregnancy or your other contraceptive fails.

No doubt these contraceptive pills are helpful but overdose or regular use of these pills can lead to serious health issues.

Women on have intake to these pills on frequent basis are prone to suffer from breast cancer. These have other side effects too, you must be aware of. Your male partner must also be careful of these, as for your concern.

Unwanted 72 Use, Side Effects and Reviews

Unwanted 72 comes in a package containing single tablet of 1.5mg. It is marketed by mankind pharmaceuticals. It is a morning pill.

Single dose of unwanted 72 should be consumed within 72 hours.

This won’t effect after 72 hours of your intimation.

Single tablet is to be consumed after this take proper care of your diet as along with it, this pill brings many side effects like Nausea, Dizziness, Vomiting, Severe Headache, Mood Swings, Sensitive to Skin, Weight Gain, Irregular Menstruation. These are side effects you may come across with unwanted 72. These side effects are just temporary.like rashes to skin may occur for sometime and same for gain in weight but it goes with time.

As per the name specifies, unwanted 72 should be effective for 72 hours after your physical relation. But its effect start decreasing with time as within 24 hours, it is believed to be 95%effective, 24 48 hours, 85% effective, 48 72 hours, 58% effective. To remind you it is not abortion pill. If you are already pregnant, avoid its use and infact try for other contraceptive pills to stop unwanted pregnancy.

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