exercise before breakfast

exercise before breakfast

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Running on an empty stomach was not a bad idea. Although most athletes eat before exercise, was exercising on an empty stomach can burn fat faster.

It has been stated in various research evidence. Most recently, researchers from Europe found that athletes who exercise bike without a bite to eat in siginifkan burn more fat than athletes who eat.

Our muscles get energy from carbohydrates, which is why most athletes like Lance Armstrong usually consume small amounts of food prior to cycling. However, if we eat right before exercise, the body does not have a reserve carbohydrate. So that is burned is fat.

“When you exercise on an empty stomach, increased adrenaline and insulin levels low. The ratio is appropriate for the muscles break down more fatty acids, “said Peter Hespel, sports psychology expert from Belgium.

In a study of bicycle known athletes despite an empty stomach cause decreased performance, but the amount of fat burned so much more.

In 2008 Hespel also conduct research to determine the effect of endurance exercise if you exercise on an empty stomach. Apparently a number of proteins needed to process fat. This means the fat will burn more if we do not eat before exercise.

Carbohydrates are considered to disrupt the process of fat metabolism, it is best to exercise before breakfast time.

But other experts to assess, burning fat is not too much sense for people who want to slim down the body. Why? Because fat is burned is fat contained in the muscle. “Burning fat muscle will have no effect on overall body fat,” said Andrew Greenberg, director of the Obesity and Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University.

Moreover, exercise on an empty stomach can make a bad performance because we need energy to fuel intense exercise. “When blood sugar levels are low, we certainly can not work out well when the body is energized,” said Dr.Alexis Chiang Colvin, sports medicine experts.?

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