“If You Could Make YOUR Body Absorb LESS Of The Fat You Eat . . . Do You Think You'd Lose Weight?”

“If You Could Make YOUR Body Absorb LESS Of The Fat You Eat . . . Do You Think You'd Lose Weight?”

Of course you would.

The weight you put on, is from extra calories being stored as fat. If you absorb FEWER calories, there''s fewer left to store.


So let''s say you found a way to make sure a quarter of the fat you ate, left your body before it could be stored . . .

That would mean for every 4 weeks of fat you eat, a whole weeks worth . . . just disappears. And if it can''t be absorbed, it can''t plonk itself on your stomach, hips or thighs.

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Proactol™ Is PROVEN To Absorb And Remove Up To 27.4% Of The Fat In Everything You Eat

28% . . . that''s MORE than a quarter.

And yes, it''s PROVEN. We didn''t just guess that figure. It was the result of not one, but 6 pre-clinical and clinical studies. (Click here to read more details on these studies)

So how good does it feel, to KNOW you can: Eat what you eat now, use Proactol, and still lose weight.

And if you''re in a rush: Eat a little less fat than you do now, use Proactol and lose even more weight.

You would expect to eat a little less, when you want to lose weight anyway. But combined with Proactol, you''ll turbo-charge your results . . .

Why not see how much weight other customers, just like you, have lost with Proactol™?

It’s like having your own personal food Doorman . . . escorting your unwanted guests from the building!

But be prepared for Proactol™''s unusual side effects, such as:

  • Increased confidence. Your confidence is effected by how you feel about yourself. Higher self image = higher confidence.
  • Constant compliments. As you lose your extra weight, people WILL start complimenting you. And it''s a GREAT feeling.
  • A desire to go clothes shopping. Use Proactol™. Lose your extra weight. Try on the clothes you''ve always wanted to wear. See how good they look on you. You''ll NEVER get bored of it.
  • Loving the beach and swimming again. When you love how you look you''ll lose the self consciousness. In fact you''ll be ready to flaunt your hot new body!
  • Having a permanent smile on your face. The world is a much happier place when you look and feel great, right

And The Ingredients In Proactol™ Are Completely Natural And Safe

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Proactol™ contains a rare weight loss chemical, only found in a certain kind of cactus. It actually forces your body to shed unwanted fat.

Maybe you’re not really that interested in how something works, you’re just glad it does what you want it to do! But if you are interested . . .

Proactol™ is a patented fibre complex that is a 100% organic. It contains a complex of two fibres, one non-soluble, the other soluble.

When the non-soluble fibres come into contact with dietary fats in your stomach, they bind with them immediately to form a fluid gel. This makes the fats complex too large to be absorbed by your body, and as a result, it’s naturally passed out of your body.

The soluble fibres within Proactol™ are thick and sticky, having a consistency between a solid and a liquid, known as viscous. When these two complexes meet they form a very viscous solution which gradually slows down digestion within the body and slows down the absorption of glucose into your blood stream.

Your stomach finds this solution a lot harder to digest, resulting in it staying in your stomach beyond the normal length an ordinary meal would stay.

So you feel fuller for much longer, because it suppresses both your appetite and your food cravings.

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Proactol™ Is Different To Many Of The Other Weight Loss Products On Offer. It Actually WORKS

It’s clinically proven and WILL improve your life.

"Proactol''s active ingredients
were recently put to the test"

In a ''double blind placebo controlled cross over study'', healthy participants were put into two seperate group (of no particular pairing).

One group of participants received our active ingredients whilst the other group received a placebo.

In both cases, they were given a weeks trial. After the first initial week the two groups were given a washout period, before being asked to swap.

During this period, participants also had to follow a strict diet to ensure that they all received a standardizes intake of fats with no risk of inconsistency.

The results comprised of the following. On average the quantitiy of fat that was blocked from entering into the participants bodies, compared to the quantity ingested increased by 27.4% in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol''s active ingredients, compared to those who had not.

The study shows that volunteers who took Proactol over this period lost an average of over 27% more dietary fat than the group who took the placebo.

Extensive research has also shown that a reduction in dietary fat can contribute towards weight loss.

Whilst maintaining a sustained weight loss of 5-10% has also been shown to help improve disorders associated with obesity such as high blood pressure, high colesterol, cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

Some other benefits include increased joint flexibility, less aches and pains, and improved concentration and energy levels.

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The problem is, thanks to the internet, many manufacturers have jumped on the band wagon and have released so called weight loss solutions. But they’re NOT solutions.

They are usually based on ingredients that have anecdotal evidence that they work, or worse still, no evidence at all, just folklore . . . basically INEFFECTIVE.

Proactol™ however, is a
certified medical device product
with the CE stamp of approval

Don''t trust cheap weight loss imitations that don''t have the CE mark of approval.

There are so many untested and unregulated products on the internet today, it’s important for you to understand and trust the products that you are buying.

By ordering the Proactol™ system today you too can easily begin a better lifestyle and become the person you have always wanted to be.

You Have Nothing To Lose Thanks To Our 180 Day Money back Guarantee

Use our full system for 120 days and if you don''t lose weight, we will give you a full refund. We can''t offer you a better deal than that!

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What have you got to lose? If our system does not work for you then you are safe in the knowledge that you will get a full refund.

But you’ll see it does work and you’ll get all these benefits:

  • Proactol™ Makes Your Fat Indigestible – In a double blind placebo controlled cross over study, 27.4% more fat was blocked in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol™''s active ingredient, compared to those you had not.
  • Reduce calorie intake by 295 calories a day – It usually takes willpower to reduce your daily calories. Not with Proactol™. Less calories, less added body weight.
  • Lower Food Cravings – Constantly tempted by treats, sweets, and fatty snacks? With Proactol™, it will be easier to say no and watch the difference these small diet changes make.
  • Reduce Excess Body Weight – A slim, sexy you is possible. So no matter the occasion, with our tablet you’ll no longer feel self conscious when you look in the mirror.
  • 6 pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Proactol
  • Medically backed and recommended by doctors and members of the medical community
  • It is suitable for vegetarian and also free from allergens, artificial coloring, flavors, salt and preservatives.

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