5 Sure-Fire Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit In Pregnancy

5 Sure-Fire Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit In Pregnancy

Kiwi Fruit In Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times that a healthy mother is essential for a healthy baby. Here are five benefits of kiwi fruit in pregnancy. During pregnancy, doctor’s advice women to take balanced nutrition for promoting mothers and baby’s health. Balanced nutrition is a combination of numerous proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and much more. It is quite difficult to arrange and then consume each of them individually. Instead, kiwi is a fruit that is a combination of all necessary nutrients during pregnancy.

Blend Of Healthy Nutrients

Kiwi is a dull brown-green fruit which basically belongs to “carbohydrate food family, but it has an amazing blend of healthy nutrients in it. It plays a great helping hand in cell development and improved metabolism during pregnancy. Following are kiwi fruitnutrients recommended for expecting mothers.


Dietary fiber of carbohydrate plays an important role in the smooth flow of food through intestines and provides instant energy to your body. Kiwi fruit possess dietary fiber along with zinc and magnesium.


Baby’s Bone development requires calcium. A medium sized kiwi fruit provides 23mg of calcium per piece.


Another essential requirement of baby development is protein. Kiwi fruit contains sufficient amount of this healthy nutrient too.

Vitamin C:

The tendency of healing wounds can be increased by iron in combination with vitamin C. Kiwi fruit is useful here too. One of the major benefits of kiwi fruit in pregnancy is that it can be used for covering the deficiency of vitamin C. Kiwi fruit contains vitamin C twice to the amount present in orange.

Green Vegetables:

Green food is an essential element for providing folic acid to the body that helps in growth and development of the baby. Folic acid helps in increased cell formation during pregnancy. A kiwi fruit contains almost 17 cups of folic acid. It further contains antioxidants that protect cells from free-radical damageand keeps cells healthier.

Keeping The Health And Growth Of The Mother And Child

Now, that you are armed with this information I am quite sure that your very first step would be to go out for buying kiwi fruit if there is a pregnancy case round you. But wait!! Have you thought that Is kiwi fruit available in this season? Is it available in your nearby market? Can you get it fresh? We provide you with the solution to all these problems in the form of a healthy supplement “Digesten K”. Taking “Digesten K” in all along your pregnancy time is an easy, inexpensive and wise way of keeping the health and growth of the mother and child better. There are numerous other health supplements available in the market but “Digesten K” provides you quality health supplement based on natural formula through which benefits of kiwi fruit in pregnancy can be found in majority.

A Well Balanced Diet And Its Quality Are Important To Maintain A Good Health

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