Can A Juicing Diet Work Better Than Others?

Can A Juicing Diet Work Better Than Others?

The answer is an astounding YES. People assume that the word diet means omitting all foods, or some foods at least, or trying to go into a crash diet of celery sticks and water. Sure, there are a variety of dietary plans that exist in today’s market, but guess what? Most of them are failures. Around the beginning of each year, new books are placed in the forefront of bookstores, websites, and other retailers and they are all “new” plans of action to lose weight, and they are all the same source material. You can draw a line between most diets and find that they either force you to starve or force you to eat things that you don’t want to eat and that’s why most people quit on losing weight. Oh, and there’s always the exercise quotient, but we’ll adhere to food for the moment. One thing that most people fail to realize is that they can try a juicing diet, and watch the pounds fall off.

The reason why this type of diet plan works is because it’s not a complete omission of whole foods. Instead of eating large formatted meals, you replace at least one (in most cases 2) with vegetables that have been blended for maximum taste and nutrition. Say goodbye to multi-vitamins, supplements, and energy drinks, because this all-natural solution is the way you’re going to go forever. You’ll find that the amazing array of flavors that come out of raw vegetables will keep you full, and satisfied for hours on end.

In addition to a juicing diet, you can eat full meals at dinnertime. Most plans require you to eat healthy dinners, and that doesn’t change with this plan of action, but instead of sticking to some traditional staples, you can rest assured that you can bring variety to the table and even on occasion indulge your sweet tooth and more. The idea here is to enjoy more of what nature’s bounty offers, and not just constantly eat the same foods.

When you consider many diet plans, the repetition is ridiculous. Many call for protein isolation, which can wreck havoc on the heart. Others call for a lack of red meat and more focus on whole grains, then fatigue sets in from lack of energy and amino acids, giving people a hard time adhering to the strict rules of eating. Diets fail, face it, there are very few fun dieting options, which is why the idea of a juicing diet is so revolutionary in modern times. Yes, the word is still in there, but you’re not going to starve, you’re not going to feel like you haven’t eaten in years, you’ll feel good about your life, and the energy from the natural source will push you to do your best in all arenas.

A good side effect to this plan is running, skipping, and even jumping for joy. Ok, that might be a bit much, but it’s very true, you will feel great when you add more green, red, and orange vegetable juice to your daily life.