Give your body the "food" it needs every day

Give your body the

What are the most important life changes I should make to improve my health?
  1. Give your body the "food" it needs every day. This includes Enzymes (support digestion and assimilation of nutrients), fiber (aids intestinal function and elimination of waste), Antioxidants (protect against free radical damage), Essential Fatty Acids (support optimal cardiovascular function), Vitamins and Minerals (vital for many body functions and metabolic processes), and Probiotics (maintain the balance of friendly intestinal microflora). We have a special plan, called the Habit of Health, which allows you to purchase all these items for about $100/month, and it has a money back guarantee if you don''t feel it made a difference in your health after 90 days.

  2. Eat mostly organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and whole grains. Processed foods contain mostly chemicals and even though you may be overweight you may actually be starving your body of the nutrients it needs.

  3. Drink only pure filtered water. Flouride and Chlorine are tied to many disease situations. Reverse Osmosis water is ideal. You can install one of these filters in your home if you want it easily accessible. I can also give you information on full house filtration systems.

  4. Avoid prescription and non-prescription drugs unless absolutely necessary. Most conditions can be treated very successfully with natural supplements.

  5. Read Kevin Trudeau''s book, Natural Cures THEY don''t want you to know about. It gives a wealth of information on how to get and stay healthy. This book is available everywhere and I have some in my shop.

  6. Stay active - whether is walking, exercise, sports, etc. Movement causes the lymphatic system to work more efficiently by keeping it moving.

  7. Do regular cleanses. Keep the toxic elements cleared out of your body. Many are available and all are valuable. Natural Cellular Defense is an excellent ongoing internal cleanse, Ion Cleanses (Electronic Detoxification) are very effective, and Nature''s Sunshine has some very good cleanses for the Liver and Colon, along with parasite cleanses, and capsules to rid the body of heavy metals, yeast, etc. "Coming Clean" is a small book that is easy to read and really full of information on all types of cleanses.

How will I feel after an Ion Cleanse (Electronic Detoxification)?

Most people are really excited that all that toxic gunk is out of their body. Actually, most people don''t feel anything physical. The ones who do notice a difference sleep better, have reduced varicose veins and pressure there, and some have improvement in fibromyalgia. The immune system will function better with reduced toxins. This is not something that is easily felt.

How does the product Natural Cellular Defense work?

Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) is made up of zeolites supended in pure water. Zeolites are negatively charged (very unusual in nature), cage-like minerals. Most of the toxins in our body are positively charged. The zeolites stay in our bodies for about 5 hours attracting and trapping the positively charged toxins inside their cage like structure and then are ushered out of the body. People with serious conditions try to take the product about every 6 hours to keep it working continuously. It has shown amazing results on so many different conditions. NCD even has a patent which is highly unusual in the alternative supplement industry. NCD is completely non-toxic and can be used even on infants. It is also a broad-spectrum anti-viral which is not found often.

How much Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) should I take?

Generally speaking, a person should start the NCD with 10 drops, 3 times a day to complete a stronger detoxing cycle. It is recommended to do this with one or two bottles. After that 3 drops 3 times a day is the standard dose. For someone trying to fight the toxins of cancer it is recommended that they use 15 drops 3 to 4 times a day (about every 6 hours).

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