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Burgers and oven roast wedges -home made

Ground Beef Recipe,Minced or ground beef is relatively inexpensive and very versatile . If you buy butcher ground beef as opposed to supermarket beef it should be better quality and less fatty.

800g rooster potatoes,washed thoroughly and dried

800g lean minced beef or lamb

2 slices of day old bread in breadcrumbs

Slice the potatoes into chips place on roasting tray toss in 2 tblsp olive oil and salt and put in oven for about 30/40 mins until  crispy.

Place meat in large bowl add the beaten egg ,breadcrumbs, parsley ,salt and lots of pepper grinds mix thoroughly.Shape with your hands into burger shapes.

Cook on grill,hot pan or BBQ for at least 7 mins each side .

Serve with toasted ciabatta buns  and relish or sauces of your choice .

Posted under Great healthy fast food, homemade burger by admin 01.09.2010

The potatoes are oven roasted NOT deep fried ,the salt I recommend in general is Maldon Sea Salt and seasoning is necessary in food and the bread I recommended was Ciabiatta buns which have better quality flour in their ingredients.I appreciate your comments but when feeding a family daily you have to give foods that they like , ALL will eat and is tasty so sometimes compromise is necessary to facilitate all involved .?

Thanks again keep the comments coming

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Burgers and oven roast wedges -home made