Organica Stories: Stacy Lockhart

Organica Stories: Stacy Lockhart

1. Tell me about your first contact with Costa Rica Health Travel.

I was looking for a competent, safe provider to travel to Costa Rica, Colombia or Mexico, so I used All Medical Tourism to send my information to as many providers as I could within those three countries. Costa Rica Health Travel was the first company that responded literally two hours after I sent my information. They were helpful and engaged from the first moment.

2. Was it easy to plan your medical tourism program?

Surprisingly it was. Rosella was available from the first moment to answer all of my questions and made everything very smooth.

3. Were all of your questions and concerns addressed by your case manager before booking?

Rosella was extremely sharp. She had everything under control, from the doctor’s recommendations, to pricing, to booking, everything was taken care in no time. I am really impressed by how these guys managed to turn a complex process into a simple, no non-sense process.

4. What happened when you arrived in Costa Rica?

When I arrived in CR, Rosella was waiting for me at the airport and drove me to this beautiful recovery hotel called Los Candiles. It was a great experience because the staff was very friendly and the rooms were beautiful. I was very impressed from the moment I arrived. Costa Rica is really beautiful.

5. Who was your doctor and how did he make you feel when you met him?

Dr. Rosenstock was my doctor and I met him early the next morning after arrival before surgery. We spent quite a long time discussing my procedures and I was able to openly discuss my expectations and also my concerns. He was not only very professional but very sweet at all times. I knew I was at the right place the moment I met him and his staff. The clinic was also a very nice, well kept clinic, and so after the initial nervousness had passed, I was ready to roll.

6. What surgeries did you have?

I had a Tummy Tuck and a Breast Lift with Implants.

7. How was the recovery process?

Surprisingly, pain was not an issue. I had been through surgery before, so of course I expected some pain or at the very least some discomfort, however, with my pain medication and the magic hand of the doctor, I experienced very little discomfort. Rosella came by every morning to help me shower and to check up on my progress. We had a great time together because she knows what she is doing, but she also LOVES what she does. That makes a world of difference.

8. When were you able to get up and move around?

The day after the surgery I was already moving around. I was a bit sleepy but I managed to get up for a light delicious breakfast and then went right back to bed to rest. The great thing about medical tourism is that you get away from all your responsibilities and so there are no kids to take care of, no chores, no cooking and lots of peace and quiet.

9. So what is your new size?

I was a 12 before my surgeries and now I am an 8 and it’s been 1 month only! Scarring is minimal and I feel incredible. My new breasts are also incredible. I could not be happier.

10. How was the reaction of loved ones after seeing the results?

Everyone loved my new look, especially my husband…Though I am still a bit swollen and in recovery, I feel great!

11. What about friends? What do they say?

All of my girlfriends have started calling Rosella. They all want to go to Costa Rica and experience this incredible journey.

12. Do you plan to have any more surgeries, or are you done?

Maybe in a few years I’ll go for the facelift, but for now, I couldn’t feel and look better.

13. What’s your overall impression of Dr. Rosenstock?

I had never met a doctor that takes the time to explain the procedures in depth and who is totally focused in listening to the patient’s goals. He took the time and was very open about what could be done and what was out of the question. He explained things from a safety and aesthetic perspective, so when I made up my mind on what exactly I was looking for, we had covered all possible angles. I went into surgery completely sure of what I wanted and he delivered the goods. He is an awesome doctor who I recommend to anyone still wondering if Costa Rica Health Travel is the best choice.

14. What about your case manager?

Rosella made it all so smooth that it isn’t hard to see why the company is so awesome. She took the time to care for me and never made me feel like she had other things to do and other patients to see. I felt safe at all times. I strongly recommend her and the Costa Rica Health Travel team

15. What would you tell an anyone who was considering Costa Rica Health Travel?

Don’t even think about going somewhere else. This is the company you need to look for. The quality of the recovery, the hands-on approach to patient care and the group of doctors is incredible. I am very grateful for what they did for me.

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