Self-Judgment Lowers Self-Esteem

Self-Judgment Lowers Self-Esteem

“What Was I Thinking?”

Self-esteem can take a big hit if we are dissatisfied with our current lives and look back with disdain on early decision-making. Hindsight is so easy that we forget we made the best choices we could for that time. We never get out of bed thinking “I’m going to make the worst choice I can today.” Our judgment about what was best earlier may have been warped, but the decisions likely fit with the abilities available at that time.

Later, when we find ourselves in situations that we don’t like, the temptation is high to go back and criticize our decisions or become lost in remorse over our choices. At this point, self-worth and self-esteem take yet another hit, and negative feelings about ourselves wrap us in self-degradation, hopelessness, poor confidence, and deciding to give up.

Regaining Control Of Our Lives

Recognizing that earlier choices had a foundation in our needs, perceptive abilities, and knowledge at that time can free you to make better choices now! Most of our lives are not locked totally in stone, and we usually can find some way to make positive changes. It will be hard, and motivation to grow and weather more storms can be intimidating.

Inner Wisdom Plays A Big Part

Accepting the growth that has been made is a beginning. You had to come a long way just to admit your earlier struggles with value clarification or possible superficial rationalizations for why you did what you did. Perhaps, it will become more clear that there were insurmountable challenges at that time; you may even recognize that you would do it differently, if you had another opportunity. Perhaps your inner wisdom led you to make choices in order that you would be ready for different paths now. (Good perception re sowing wild oats in the past.)

No question, personal growth has been made or you wouldn’t be reading this now!

One of the strongest regrets often is not having taken a more positive step in education. We are very fortunate we live in a time that technology allows for second chances. It’s not too late, even if you’ve tried before. Try it again.

What a great way to spend time, if you’re not working! Google on-line education.

As for lost relationships, you have more knowledge and stronger abilities now and/or more avenues of help. Try therapy.

If finances are your bugaboo, fix your credit. You now know how to curb impulses. Choose only for your best interests!

The Least You Need To Know:
1. Give the past it’s due and move on. You were essentially a different person then with different needs, perceptions, & abilities.
2. Revel in your growth.

The mission, should you choose to accept, requires:
1. Look to the future, not what was and the stuck places you were in.
2. Step out with action to seize opportunities. Make positive self-esteem a part of you.