Where can I find Panchero’s nutrition facts?

Where can I find Panchero’s nutrition facts?

Where can I find Panchero’s nutrition facts?

There is a new fast-food sourt of mexican resteraunt that opened up down the street from my house.

It seems to almost be kind of healthy. Everything is made fresh there. You can actually watch them grilling the chicken and everything that they put in the burittos. And the choices to put in the burittos are all relatively healthy, a small serving of meat + beans and a bunch of different types of veggies/rice/corn.

To me, it seems better than eating a hamburger and fries.

I’m concerned about my boyfriends diet because all that he eats is fast food! Him and I dont live together yet (we’re currently looking at real-estate) so its hard for me to cook meals for him. His mom doesnt really cook or shop, and he works all the time so hes usually eating on the go. He’ll get 4 double cheeseburgers and scarf them all down within minutes!

He enjoys eating the burittos from this Panchero’s, but I’m not sure if they’re really all that better. I wanted to compare nutrition facts.

I couldnt seem to find them on the panchero’s website.

My boyfriend has eaten here before, getting a chicken buritto with rice, black beans, corn, salsa, and a dab of sour cream. He gets really full by the time hes done …sometimes he cant even finish the whole thing!

(i’m assuming its the fiber and protein that fill him up faster than he gets filled up from the cheeseburgers that he usually eats)…

I want to suggest that he go there before work and bring it to work with him to eat on his break rather than going to mcdonalds and burgerking. HOWEVER if the cholestrol and fat and all that bad stuff arent much different, then I’ll need to keep finding new solutions.

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